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I don’t mind making changes in an adaptation that suit a story. I don’t mind making changes in an adaptation because it’s a better way of getting to the point using a visual medium. I don’t mind making difficult changes because they don’t have time to tell it the way the book does.

What makes me…

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I think the other thing that pisses me off so much about them changing Jaime’s character in this episode is that they spent the entire second half of Season 3 working on Jaime’s character development, humanizing him and making him slowly but surely mature.

The first unselfish, good thing we see…

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I am still angry!

Angry about the Jaime and Cersei scene

And angry about how Oberyn and Ellaria are just tools to add more sex scenes into the show. I am sorry but oh yes, lets mention Elia is fucking passing. 

No wonder my parents don’t like them. Oh yeah remember my sister, I hardly do.


Shit stain of a show

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Tyrion is a rapist in the books and a saintly hero on the show
Jaime is the most anti-rape character in the books and a rapist on the show
That’s D&D for you =/

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The worst thing is that the show writers believe they are staying in character. They believe that what they did is believable based on his past characterization.

Because they believe that any man, regardless of his previous pattern of decision making, “can be driven to rape.”

Do you know what kind of men believe that all men will potentially rape? Rapists. Rapists believe that.

Rapists are writing the show.

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For all of those who complain about the age difference between the Tyrion and Sansa ship just remember that Jaime Lannister is supposed to be 40 and Brienne of Tarth is a 16 year old girl.

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Rape is not a plot device. Rape is not an “okay” substitute for a scene that was originally written to be consensual sex. Rape is not entertainment. 

HBO, you have done Game of Thrones wrong. I am sorely disappointed in you for allowing such a scene to be broadcast. 

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My take on it is that one has to completely separate the shows from the books at this point. In Tim Burton’s Batman movie, Batman blows up a factory full of goons. That’s not the Batman of the comics, but it’s a great Batman movie anyway. That this Jaime does something so repellent while his…

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all of you are complaining about jaime but lets focus on another issue here


all of you are complaining about jaime but lets focus on another issue here

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so the rumors were true. they turned a perfectly consensual sex scene between Jaime and Cersei into a rape scene. what the actual fuck. not only does that go completely against who Jaime is as a character, but it was completely unnecessary to make that change. it makes me sick that D&D thought…

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